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LA FONTURSIA  The agricultural Estate
The agricultural Estate LA FONTURSIA has handed over from father to son for many generations the secrets of skillful wine making. To all this they pay a particular attention for the new possibilities of intervention offered by the biological cultivation, regarding the maximum attention for the environment and for the final consumer.
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Production and sale Fresh Truffles,Bottled,Aromatized.
From the experienced activity in trading Truffles,is the firm BOSCO D'ORO glad te propose a brand new 
line of exquisite products made of this precious tuber.

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LA CAMPOFILONE  pasta with eggs from 1912
In 1912 the “la Campofilone” company came to live thanks to Adorna Albanesi who opened a “trattoria” in via XX Settembre. This company produces the pasta with the same love and attention of old times, handing down memories and tradition that otherwise would have long been forgotten. The secret of the quality and success of our pasta in Italy and abroad, is not only due to the love for an old tradition, which can be seen in our production, but also in the thin dough, in the slow gradual dessication process, at a temperature slightly higher to the one of the natural sorrounding.
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DE CARLONIS   Since 1968 the best of tradition
Dynamic, strongly innovative and gifted with that entrepreneurial spirit that makes a 'small' company a `great' company in the field of production and business.From the best tradition of the Marche comes the best for your table. This is after all the `mission' of 
DE CARLONIS, a project that is linked to the cultural 
and culinary roots of a generous and rich land from a wine and food point of view. The care, the passion and the research for the best ingredients are at the base of this project. 
A project that is rich in taste and quality.

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